How to use dynamic(random) variables on Postman

When I test some APIs, I sometimes need fake name, phone number, emails, and so on.

On Postman, you can use random name, phone numbers, uuids easily. Just type predefined {{$variable_name}} where you want use them, then Postman automatically set random data.

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Smart Domain Search Engine: Domainr

There are many interesting domains these days. Compared to the past where there were only .com and, there are specialized domains such as .tv and .app. I have a domain, but every time I see a brilliant domain, I want to get another domain. Whenever I search for a nice one, I use the Domainr search engine.

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Meet retro video games with splendid fan art: Orioto’s VG Paintings

Most of the games released on the latest game consoles, PS5 or XBOX Series X, have gorgeous graphics and rich scenarios. On the one hand, there are remakes of ‘classic’ consoles too. Like Sony’s PS1, Nintendo’s NES, and SNES. There seems that some people have nostalgia for retro games.

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6 Gorgeous, Free Stock Video Sites

These days, most people said the trend is a video. Starting with YouTube, not only high-definition video but also real-time broadcasting has become common. This trend seems to be similar on the web. Sites with video backgrounds are emerging as a trend these days.Like the previous article(28 Gorgeous, Free Stock Photo Sites), I collected some sites again. Excluding those with tight licenses, I have only selected 6. But I recommend that you should check the licenses once more before using them.

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28 Gorgeous, Free Stock Photo Sites

When I use photos uploaded by others on the web, I’m worried about copyright issues. So I save a bunch of sites with free stock photos. They are free of copyright issues. I summarized only sites on this article with high-quality and free stock photos. Of course, commercial use is also possible. 🙂

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How to decorate external links with only CSS one line

When reading online, I’m a little reluctant to click if there are links to other sites. If the post is short, I read the post and open it separately, or if the post is long, I open it with a new tab in the middle. In this case, how about marking the external link nicely? There is a really simple way to display external links with just one line of CSS.

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