Meet retro video games with splendid fan art: Orioto’s VG Paintings

Most of the games released on the latest game consoles, PS5 or XBOX Series X, have gorgeous graphics and rich scenarios. On the one hand, there are remakes of ‘classic’ consoles too. Like Sony’s PS1, Nintendo’s NES, and SNES. There seems that some people have nostalgia for retro games.

In addition to the retro game consoles above, there is a Parisian artist who makes nostalgic fan art based on retro games.

Orioto reinvented many of the retro games released in the 1980s-90s, including Mario, Zelda and Final Fantasy, with unique his own fan art. At 2008, he uploaded Megaman X fan art to devianART. Since then he have released more than 340 illustrations so far in 2020.

You can find most of his work on his deviantART page. In addition, if you become a patron of Orioto, you can receive fan arts to be made and all of previous ones in 1200p or 4K size. So if you are interested, it would be great to subscribe. 🙂

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