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Smart Domain Search Engine: Domainr

There are many interesting domains these days. Compared to the past where there were only .com and, there are specialized domains such as .tv and .app. I have a domain, but every time I see a brilliant domain, I want to get another domain. Whenever I search for a nice one, I use the Domainr search engine.

At Domainr site, you can enter the keyword you want. Then you can see the domains that match or suggest the keywords you entered in the search results.

I searched ‘Germaphobe’.

If a domain can be registered(=Available), Domainr recommends domain companies that help purchases. Unfortunately, Domainr doesn’t provide price information. So, you’ll check their price on your own.

‘’ domain (Available)

If the domain cannot be registered, there is Whois information instead of the domain registrars. It is quite convenient. Because you can check the expiration date of domain without leaving the Domainr.

‘’ domain (Unavailable)

Domainr also has own iOS and an Android app. Sometimes, if you are searching for a domain with a single domain, I recommend to use Domainr through a mobile browser. But, if you need to search for domains frequently with your smartphone, the Domainr app will make it easier to search for them. 🙂

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Price: Free
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